Insitu, a leading Aerospace & Defense (A&D) company

Insitu is a leading aerospace and defense company that creates end-to-end technology for the distribution of information. This technology is used in various combat situations to keep troops and equipment safer. Insitu is a Boeing Company, making it affiliated with one of the major players in the aerospace & defense industry. Specifically, the company works in the area of drone design and production. Drones have seen an extensive rise over the past decade, causing them to become more and more popular. This increased demand has put pressure on companies like Insitu to create these uncrewed airplanes for both military and commercial purposes. The company employs over 100 people and has a wide array of customers.

As you can imagine, a company like Insitu constantly expands into new areas and gains new customers, including working with the United States government branches. Recent expansions include working in counter-narcotics with the United States Coast Guard.

After working with Next Quarter, the company achieved a 60% improvement in revenue planning and increased the accuracy of its financial forecasts, among many other improvements.

The Challenge Faced by Insitu

The challenge for the company was simple: While it specialized in real-time war and combat information, it needed help getting real-time revenue information, tracking key financial metrics, and reporting financial data.

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