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Account Planning Software.

Next Quarter supercharges your accounts.

An AI-based account planning solution that identifies new opportunities, finds decision-makers and influencers, and suggest guided next steps for your Sales team to grow existing accounts.

  • Unlock your hidden growth potential with upsell and cross-sell opportunities and intent data to know what customers are searching for.
  • Our predictive analytics identifies the gaps with current customers to drive incremental revenue.

Relationship Intelligence

  • Understand the key players within your accounts.
  • With a click of a button, you can generate an AI-guided path to success.

Engagement Score

  • A data-driven approach to understanding how engaged your sales team is with customers.  
  • Rank opportunities based on data, not opinion, with our proprietary weighted score model. 

Guided Actions

  • Allow your teams to be more productive by focusing on customer contacts that can drive decision-making. 
  • Our guided sales path is a communication matrix that sales teams can use to identify target and key strategic account influencers.  
Account 360

Make intelligent, data-based decisions with a full view of the account scorecard to ensure alignment with the customer’s mission, vision, and strategy. See all goals and actions in the executive dashboard.

Market Insights
Get market updates delivered to you based on custom keywords, and users can create Salesforce opportunities against any insight.
Protect your revenue by identifying renewals at risk ahead of time. Create an opportunity, task, or reminder within an existing account to ensure you retain and grow your current customer base.

Analytics and Insights

Provides a consolidated view of account plans across the organization and highlight key insights by correlating account plan data with a real-time sales pipeline, financial, and other KPI data.