Mastering the Art of Timing in Sales: Maximizing Opportunities with Intent Data

Timing is everything in sales. This basic truth is particularly critical when seeking to achieve account growth. With the right data and the correct analysis of that data, you can maximize your timing and sales planning efforts.

Timing in sales success is crucial because you can only complete a sale when a customer is ready. Strike too soon, and the customer may not be primed for the opportunity. Strike too late, and the competition beat you to it.

This reality of sales planning means intent data is crucial to your success. When used right, intent data can ensure you know what your customers need and when they need it. 

The crucial role of timing in sales success

Timing can determine success or failure in sales planning and closing a deal. After all, there’s no sense in showing a customer an advertisement or sending them a pitch if they have zero interest in your product. However, the opportunity is there if they search for information related to your products. You can then serve a pitch while the lead is warm. 

Consider the following example that shows the difference between a well-timed sale and a missed opportunity. Let’s say you’re in the professional cleaning business, and a customer searches for “cleaners in my town.” This will trigger their intent score to rise, and you can use that information to send them an ad while they’re still thinking of your service.

What happens if you wait a week or until they see an ad at an in-person event? It’s too late. They either found a solution to their problem or need or forgot about it.

Intent data: Unleashing the power of customer insights

As noted above, intent data refers to a few key points. This data includes what customers search for online and what products and services they want. Properly configured systems can provide you with this data. Platforms like Next Quarter can also integrate intent data into a full suite of account growth features. This integration lets you fold this critical information into your sales planning efforts.

Intent data uncovers the most valuable insight of all: the moment when a customer needs your products or services and what they specifically want. This enables you to customize your marketing and use data to pull in the lead and make a sale.

Syncing sales efforts with customer needs: The magic formula

As a sales-oriented business, your sales planning must include intent data. Specifically, you can use intent data to maximize timing and grow your sales opportunities. Intent data signals when a customer is ready for an ad. This data increases the efficiency of your ad spend and your chances of closing a deal. 

Like any business, your resources—including marketing dollars and sales representatives’ time—are limited. This reality means you must focus on active buyers ready and willing to commit to you for a long-term deal. Intent data lets you spend your advertising and sales energy on interested customers. 

Top strategies for harnessing intent data in sales

Timing is all about the opportunity. To that end, you need to leverage intent scores. Doing so enables you to strike while the iron is hot. You can serve a targeted pitch or advertisement to leads when their intent score reaches a certain threshold. With the right data, you can also customize the ad or pitch. For example, a customer may have a high intent score if they search for keywords related to one of your products. You can then use this intent score as the backing to serve them appropriate ads. High intent score for a different product? They can see different ads.

These possibilities are fundamental reminders of the importance of data and technology. If your competition is already doing this, you must use intent data to keep up. If they aren’t, you have a critical opportunity to get ahead of them. 

Embracing the future of sales: Data-driven approaches

All of this leads to a fundamental question: How can you incorporate data-driven sales strategies to increase conversions, close deals faster, and grow your bottom line? By configuring intent data, you can pull customers who already want your services into your sales pipeline. 

These days, the use of data has become more important than ever. There are many reasons for this, including: 

  • Artificial intelligence has become better understood and more widely available
  • Data analysis tools are easier to program and use
  • Search algorithms and data sets have become more accurate, comprehensive, and useful in real-time

All of this means you must embrace data and technology. It also means you must work with businesses with experience in these areas to do just that. 

Partner with Next Quarter

Timing is everything. With the right intent data, you can maximize your sales opportunities. Intent data enables you to pitch to warm leads and target advertisements based on critical customer behavior. 

Ready to embrace data-driven sales? At Next Quarter, we have years of experience doing just that. We created one of the first AI-based account planning tools, and we have integrated intent data into the account growth planning process. By working with us, you can know when customers or prospects are looking for products or services like yours. Get the timing right.

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