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Goodbye Excel, hello real-time forecasting.

Forecast accuracy of over 95% begins with Next Quarter.

Improve profitability with continuous revenue intelligence so you forecast growth based on data, not hope.

Real-Time Forecasting

  • A single source of truth that gives you revenue information that isn’t siloed in different systems.
  • Create product-specific revenue recognition rules to accelerate and standardize how and when you see revenue.

Scenario Planning

  • Spend your time making decisions, not hunting for information.  
  • Plan for unforeseen situations with “what-if” model scenarios. 

Revenue Dashboards

  • Get a single view of revenue across the organization in real-time.
  • Lose the outdated excel spreadsheet and manage your organization with manager and user-level dashboards.


  • Convert every opportunity into a revenue schedule based on revenue recognition rules.
  • Users can edit the revenue schedule and make updates to the phasing of revenue forecasts.
Risk Mitigation
Plan for potential gaps in the forecast and feel confident in meeting revenue targets.
ERP Integration
Get actual revenue information from your financial systems to seamlessly view historical trends.

Management Roll-Ups

Ability to configure various dimension-based roll-ups to allow management line of sight to make any forecast adjustments.

Analytics and Insights

Get real-time visibility into the revenue and financial performance with the underlying driver-based analysis. Finance teams spend less time preparing reports and more time providing insights to become true business partners and trusted advisors.