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Revenue Intelligence

Streamline your sales funnel with Next Quarter.

Predictive analytics scans your sales and conversation data to develop better forecasts, identify key trends, and close deals faster.

Sales Forecasting

  • Quickly identify gaps in expected revenue and adjust plans to achieve an accurate sales forecast. 
  • As a Salesforce native platform, you get actionable clarity, allowing you to dynamically forecast growth plans based on real data.

Engagement Score

  • A data-driven approach to understanding how engaged your sales team is with customers.  
  • Rank opportunities based on data, not opinion, with our proprietary weighted score model. 

Opportunity Management

  • Manage all sales opportunities across the pipeline and convert them into reoccurring revenue. 
  • Compare weekly snapshots to understand the history and identify trends in your sales team. 

Sales Methodologies

  • A configurable framework that guides sales teams to close deals faster. 
  • Turn goals into actionable next steps during each stage of the sales process. 
Deal Movement
See user details such as opportunity level changes by forecast category and a deal snapshot. Users can compare weekly deal progress against previous weeks.
User Hierarchy & KPIs
Provides a view of key performance indicators (KPIs) of the user logged in and their direct reports. The user can toggle the view between themselves or choose a direct report and see that person’s specific KPIs and their direct reports.
Manager-Based Quota Management
Users can view and edit quarterly quotas pertaining to teams by displaying the details based on the Salesforce role hierarchy or manager view.

Analytics and Insights

With real-time revenue intelligence and persona-based analytics, Sales teams can get rich insights into forecast trends, sales performance, pipeline movement, win rate analysis, and other important KPIs. Understand the drivers of your sales performance helping you make your next quarter the best quarter.