Shortcut Enterprise Sales Forecasting Without Selling Yourself Short

 Many enterprises have stale sales and forecasting processes that desperately need modernization. This will require new technologies to remain competitive in the digital age.

A goal without a plan is just a wish, the saying goes. Your business needs accurate forecasting and data for planning. High-performance sales teams invest time, energy, and resources into forecasting. Only with proper forecasting can a sales team execute to its maximum potential. 

Here’s the thing: Forecasting is tricky and can be a constant struggle for many sales organizations. Data lives in silos and is commonly used in manual forecasting on spreadsheets. Limited transparency and cooperation between departments make project opportunities and revenues difficult. Today, only 45% of enterprise sales teams produce sales forecasts within 5% of actual sales figures for the forecast period. For many companies, this gap is widening. 

As a result, companies are at risk of missing strategic growth opportunities. Doing so kills your profit margins and weakens your competitive market position. This eBook will provide every enterprise sales leader’s insight, analysis, and next steps. It will help you improve sales forecasting, shorten sales cycles, and consistently sales goals. This eBook will also make specific recommendations about technological tools. It will also help you maximize data transparency and create the most up-to-date forecasts possible. 

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