How Next Quarter Helped Mercer
Expand and Thrive

Mercer is an IT, software, and consulting giant. The company touches a variety of different industries and employs over 25,000 people. However, like many companies, they faced challenges ensuring that their customer planning and account management services were connected with the larger whole.

Mercer, operating out of New York City, is an asset management firm with over $15 trillion investment dollars under their name. The company was founded in 1937 and has since grown significantly. They employ over 25,000 people and are involved in numerous different fields. These fields include consulting, human resources, asset management, IT, and software.

Thankfully for Mercer, they chose to work with Next Quarter. Doing so ensured their ability to grow.

The Challenge Mercer Faced

As you can imagine, a company that big faces challenges in terms of overall integration. Indeed, one of the primary difficulties that companies the size of Mercer can face is ensuring that their overall efforts are integrated with company-wide plans. A failure to do so — and a failure to appropriately forecast revenue — can damage long-term growth potential and make it more difficult for the company to serve its own needs and the needs of its clients.

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