Next Quarter Enables Sales Coaching Improvements for Global IT Service Provider’s Teams

 If you manage sales in a series of industries and sell a vast array of products, your life can get very confusing very quickly. Tracking products, sales, services, KPIs, and successes can be an absolute nightmare. You need a system that can help you track all of this information in a suitable format, enabling data-driven decisions that can help increase your bottom line. 

Such was the case for a well-known global IT service provider. The IT service provider sells IT services in a slew of different industries, including manufacturing, commercial, public-sector accounts, financial services, and more. 

 The large enterprise company has over 100 global strategic accounts, hundreds of products, and clients across the world. The problem that the IT service provider faced was that its size and diversity created problems that its internal systems could not manage.

The Challenges Faced

It came down to data loss. Important data was getting lost, not being adequately analyzed, and causing various challenges across the company. For example, the Senior Director of Sales Operations for the company noted that the company’s planning “system” was a mash of PowerPoint and Excel files. 

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