Everything You Know About Account Planning Is Wrong

How customer-centric organizations are digitizing sales planning and using AI to drive sustainable revenue growth.

The push to modernize enterprise selling

Selling is so much more complicated than it used to be. Enterprise sales teams face greater competition for the same customers, more pressure from the business to grow revenue, and a whole lot more products to sell than ever.

For years, sales leaders have used various types of strategic account plans to bring together vital information about customers, competitors, and revenue opportunities for their teams. The goal was to help find the right message and solution for the right person, at the right time.

But many are realizing now that compiling account plans once a year locks their teams into a singular focus and makes it impossible to respond to evolving and unexpected opportunities throughout the year, beat their revenue targets, and drive sustainable account growth.

Instead, today’s enterprise sales leaders are increasingly turning to technology to modernize their strategic account planning, forecasting, and sales strategy development. They’re seeking integrated solutions that digitize account planning to increase transparency into sales activities, simplify account data collection, and connect information from across the enterprise in real-time to enable greater collaboration among sales reps and across internal teams for greater sales efficiency and success.

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