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What’s the best tactic for sales operations teams? Like the three blind men describing the elephant based only on the parts they can feel, sales operations leaders are biased based on their mental models or perceptions of the market.  

This is why getting comprehensive answers about the best sales operations tactic is so challenging.

Is there even a definitive answer to this question?

In this blog post, learn about the tactics that might benefit sales operations teams the most, and discover how Next Quarter’s Revenue Intelligence solution sets you on a clearer path to better sales.

Finding the Best Sales Operations Tactic

Google “What’s the best sales operation tactic?” and you’ll likely receive hundreds or even thousands of answers.

Take, for example, this post, 11 Essential Sales Enablement Statistics for 2022 from the competitive intelligence firm CRAYON. Based on surveys of thousands of sales operations leaders, the competitive intelligence firm discovered the best sales enablement teacher is (surprise) your competition.

According to the surveys, 71 percent of firms that use battle cards claim they improve their win rates, and 93 percent of those firms say they improve win rates by more than 20 percent. 

Battlecards provide an outline of a competitor’s company, products, and services and can guide sales reps when winning deals against competitors.

But are battle cards the ultimate answer to sales operations? Hardly.

Surveys like this are based on opinions. And as you know, everyone has an opinion. 

What Are Some of the Most Popular Sales Operations Tactics?

As the surveys above prove, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to sales ops. However, here are some tactics that sales operations teams could use to improve day-to-day tasks:

Sales Forecasting

Forecasting models provide actionable insights into the future of your business, allowing you to identify risks and opportunities. For example, you can discover anticipated sales revenue for the holiday season, when sales might be at their highest. Or you can find out revenue estimates for specific customer segments. 

Next Quarter’s Revenue Intelligence solution uses the latest predictive analytics to scan customer and conversation data, helping you develop better forecasts, close deals faster, and identify trends. This solution is part of the Next Quarter platform, the first AI-based account planning tool. Fortune 500 companies use it to create a single source of truth for all their financial data, suggest steps for sales teams, and rank decision-makers.

Integrate Sales Operations Data With Your CRM

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system stores customer-related data like phone numbers, addresses, and demographic information in one place. Syncing sales operations data with a CRM like Salesforce using Next Quarter can streamline sales processes and make it easier for frontline sales reps to engage with customers and close deals. 

Choose the Best Key Metrics to Track

Whatever software you use, focus on high-value metrics that provide sales reps with the information required to close deals and move customers through sales funnels. You might want to choose metrics like close rate, customer acquisition cost (CAC), and customer lifetime value (CLV). 

Establish Customer Connections

Sales operations teams should encourage reps to engage with prospects, leads, and bonafide customers at every touchpoint in the sales cycle. Developing a rapport with consumers not only leads to more revenue-generating opportunities but also enables reps to collect data and update systems with the latest information. For example, a customer might tell a rep about their interests, hobbies, and purchasing preferences. The rep can refer to this information during future communications and encourage the customer to purchase a product or service based on their budget or lifestyle. 

Next Quarter Prefers Data Over Opinions

A group of team members discusses the most effective sales operations tactics without considering real-time analytical data.

Next Quarter’s Revenue Intelligence solution can help you discover the best sales operations tactic for your specific firm and all the sales reps who work for it. This solution produces facts, not opinions, so there’s no guesswork. Let Revenue Intelligence guide you through your sales operations processes and provide insights based on your business—not other companies. 

Available as a feature bundle on the Next Quarter platform, Revenue Intelligence empowers your company with the latest forecasting insights, allowing you to predict sales operations outcomes based on real-time data and nothing else. The result? More accurate insights into your sales processes that you can share with reps. You can toggle this feature bundle on and off depending on your specific business requirements. 

Like other feature bundles in the Next Quarter platform, Revenue Intelligence uses AI to segment sales data based on variables tailored to your specific industry, region, product, target company size, etc. You get objective performance analysis and data-based sales practices created for each one of your objectives. 

With Next Quarter, you can instantly see the whole elephant with one click.  Better sales forecasting starts with Next Quarter’s Revenue Intelligence solution. Schedule a free demo now!