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Strategies to Enhance Account Management Relationships within Salesforce

Experienced sales professionals know that selling a product or service is more than just making a good proposal. A slew of data and information goes into that proposal. Furthermore, your business must regularly gather contact information and other data points to ensure you create the best deal possible. This process means your business must engage in several account management relationship strategies. Doing so allows you to maintain an account and ensure long-term retention.

If you use Salesforce, your business can use Salesforce account management tools to ensure your business gets the right revenue intelligence. You can use these tools to anticipate customer needs and achieve pipeline acceleration. 

Leverage the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence (AI) has become extremely beneficial to deploying the best account management relationship strategies. Technological advances have made it easier for businesses to access advanced analytics to gain better revenue intelligence. 

How can artificial intelligence help your business? AI can help your sales team by:

  • Generating engagement scores that can show when a prospect may be ready for a proposal
  • Identifying potential prospects based on level of activity and engagement
  • Gathering data and other revenue intelligence on a potential prospect
  • Generating sales forecasting data that can determine how much time and revenue to spend on a prospect

Your business can access this critical information by using Next Quarter. In addition, you can combine this information with existing Salesforce account management tools. Our AI can assist you in generating engagement scores, crafting specific proposals, and creating specific strategies customized to your existing sales methodology approach

Engage in Relationship Mapping

It’s happened to you countless times: You attempt to make a sale or expand on a sales opportunity, only to be passed from one person to the next. This experience is frustrating, wastes time, and delays your ability to close a deal. It may also mean you can’t generate the revenue you need.

In instances like this, a roadmap can be of vital importance. Relationship mapping can ensure you don’t fall into the trap of searching a company’s phone tree. A relationship map enables you to determine who works where and the specific responsibilities of each person in a business. It can enable you to build an engagement score, track contacts, and identify potential key areas of responsibility and influence. This information can better enable you to complete a sale. 

 Next Quarter can provide critical assistance with this account management relationship strategy. Next Quarter’s Account Growth module enables you to create relationship maps and influence paths to decision-makers. You can also use Next Quarter to understand relationship hierarchies, track client news, and ensure your contact information is as up-to-date as possible. Finally, you can easily see how engaged you or your sales team is with the important influencers or decision-makers within the account.

Centralize the Data

If data is siloed, it is ineffective. Data can only be as powerful as it is accurate. Furthermore, data can only be impactful if connected to all departments.

What does this mean? The key to any relationship intelligence and account management relationship strategy is connecting data. All teams must have access to the same data, the ability to change data, and the chance to use critical relationship mapping tools.  

At Next Quarter, we can break down silos that stop data from flowing between departments. We also know that our solution can make Salesforce even more effective. Data must be clean, active, and robust. Doing so ensures all departments participate in account management. This also means you have the most up-to-date data, enabling better decision-making. Updated data allows your sales, revenue, and financial departments to integrate. This integration is critical to your account management relationship strategies. By centralizing data, you ensure your entire team works together to grow your bottom line.

Partner with Next Quarter

At Next Quarter, we fully understand that using account management tools can be the difference between the success or failure of an account. That’s why so many in the Fortune 500 trust our platform. As the first AI-based account planning tool, we operate within Salesforce. This integration allows your team to get the data and information it needs. By using our revenue intelligence components, you will never have to leave your CRM. Instead, you can accomplish your sales goals within Salesforce.

Ready to take the next steps regarding your salesforce account management?

Reach out to our sales team to learn more about how Next Quarter can help you deploy better account management relationship strategies.